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So, this evening, I finally screwed up my nerve and rode my bike over to the King Soopers to get some detergent for darks. It was hard! Nobody rides out here in 'Burbia except for preteens. Nobody. So I've been intimidated. But I needed to do laundry, so I put on my helmet and strapped on my lights and rode half a mile. And I didn't get hit by a car, because 4 years of riding in Capitol Hill traffic have honed my instincts, and now I feel ever so slightly more confident. I'm from Denver, okay, deal with it!

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I can watch tv again! We got a new digital TV and an antenna-ish thing, so now, for the first time in months, I can watch television while I putz around the house. And you know what I found out? You can see Aljazeera on Channel 12. I think a lot of people think that it's something it's not. It's like BBC, only centered around Northern Africa. Interesting. I also watched the Tyra Banks show, and I was surprisingly moved.
I don't know if we will get cable, because I really don't like Comcast and I am opposed to their efforts to "acquire" MSNBC. But, hey, I've got public television, Big Bang Theory, and all the Spanish channels I could want.
Some might ask, why watch tv when you could read a book? And I'll tell you why. Because I don't read books; I fall into books, which makes it impossible to get anything else done. If there were a Readers Anonymous, I would be a prime candidate. But I feel comfortable having the tv on while I do chores, homework, etc. It's like a friend that you can ignore, who will always keep talking to you, and occasionally tell you something funny or informative.
Today, for example, I started a project to build modular storage in my closet and get my dresser our of our bedroom. So far, so good, and I think Alex will really appreciate an eensy bit more space, poor dear.

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Hello again! I finally remembered my password and so now I can resume posting. Today has been a shit day. Work is stressful, school is only slightly less so, and I am having medical issues. I hate the way depression can slam me right back into adolescence. And really, I have a lot to be excited and happy about, but it's hard sometimes, especially when I have lost some of the friends I used to lean on, and now I'm scared to lean on anyone else...

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I will keep this short, because it's tough to type. Having a bad MS attack. Right arm is numb. Having trouble writing, using keys, and holding glasses. Gonna have to go lefty as much as possible. And as of yesterday it has become difficult to walk. Do I laugh or cry? If I stay a cripple, it was nice knowing y'all.

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Hey, calling all DM fans! The concert at Red Rocks is next Thursday, August 27th. If you wanna go but you don't have tickets, get in touch with me. I have two tix for sale. They are in row 31. I am asking $100 apiece, or best offer, which is less than they cost through Live Nation.

If you're interested, call me at 303.523.0481
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...is fast approaching. My tuition turned out to be seventeen hundred dollars (yikes!), which I was only able to pay part of. And then I went to look at textbooks, and, if I bought them at the bookstore, they would run about $500. Again, yikes! Also, screw that. I copied down all the ISBN's and will try to find them cheap online. It's funny, I am so busy worrying about how much this is all costing that I haven't even considered worrying about how much work it's going to be.

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I am rejoining the land of the living after a serious bout of "finals flu." Although I am still a snotty mess, I am happy. That is because I finally passed English! I got an "A" on my final paper and a "B" overall, 86%.

I am having a party to celebrate. This Friday, around 6 or 7, with games and snacks and swimming. I don't want to post my address here, so contact me if you need that.

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I love you!
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This is the picture that is cracking me up today:

here is the article:


*Snicker, snicker*

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I have come to realize that English Class = Suffering for me, and there's just no way around it. I can't serenely write my paper one day at a time, nor can I complete it in an apotheosis of creativity; all I can do is suffer, stress, and sweat it out, which is what I did last night. I got my rough draft submitted before the deadline, hooray. Too bad it was under length.
Oh well, last night I hit my suffering threshhold, so I had to bounce back up this morning, and it happened on my way to work. When I pulled out of the alley, there was a cop behind me on 12th Ave. For several blocks two other cyclists and I played "we-are-so-law-abiding" with him, stopping at red lights, waiting for them to turn green, riding single file. Then the cyclist behind me said, "He's gone!" and, on cue, we all start pedalling furiously, running the red lights, and more or less reverting to our normal anarchistic behavior. I found it very amusing.

It was nice having Mikhael visit us; we miss him already.

My back tat is looking good, and healing up okay. I posted pics on Facebook.

I plan to do some marathon laundry and housecleaning tonight; hopefully that will help me jettison the last of my blues.

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