Back to the Grind

I had a fantastic weekend at Elitch's, Ren Faire, Cherry Blossom festival. Also went dancing and drank heroically...
Now I've really gotta get crackin' on that paper and that housekeeping.

My Birthday

This Friday is my birthday, and we are going to Elitch's to celebrate! Come join us if you feel like riding 'coasters. Round 2 will be Ren Faire on Saturday, if anyone wants to go! Happy Birthday to me!

My Ass, Seriously!

So........I have saddle sores. This is, apparently, god's punishment on those heathens who go around on bicycles, particularly those who refuse to wear spandex while doing so.

Um, yeah. This sucks.
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Anxiety creeps, she's moving up slowly...
Ok, that's not how the song goes, but that's what I am experiencing. I am having trouble sleeping, which directly results in trouble getting up. Nothing is falling apart yet, but I sense trouble on my horizon.
And now I'm lonely, because I've been isolating.


It's gettin' kinda soggy 'round here

We have had soooooooooo much rain. Not that I complain. But Cherry Creek is swollen, and the trail is partially flooded along Speer and upstream. :( The Platte is also fat, but the trail is fine; I rode it today on my lunch hour. These little bike rides along the streams have become essential to my sanity, truly. I love to just get out and roll, all by my onesie, and I do really love my slick new black helmet. It's got golden lotus flowers on it, you know. Some people say all bike helmets are dorky, but they don't know from dorky. My last helmet--that was dorky.

Anyway, I have to check between my toes for moss. Four wheels good; two wheels, better!
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I woke up this morning with a song in my head. It's called "Stardust" and if you've spoken/texted with me recently, you can guess the artist. The chorus contains theses lyrics:
In a stardust cloud, hey, rock-n-roll king is down

Stardust is the glittery debris left by a cosmic act of magnificent destruction. It's also the surname of David Bowie's tragic rock hero. No coincidence, I think.

It seems to me that all the really good rockstars have something messianic about them, something of the splendid martyr. Here I am, they say, and I am powerful and poetic and I will feel your pain for you and make it into something beautiful, even if it destroys me.

So we flock to them, eager for the absolution, and the ecstacy, longing for immortality from the touch of their hand. We perpetuate the myth, because we are human, and silly.

I may have reached this conclusion because I've been reading Heinlein. Does understanding obsession lessen its power? Also, I hate typing in the morning, because my stupid MS tremor is really pronounced. I need, like, Copaxone-Flakes for breakfast. Lol. >:(
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School, Yikes!

So, Metro cancelled my super exciting and fun German class due to low enrollment. After much frantic last-minute searching for another class that I need and that I could still get into, I have landed in an online section of English 1020, WRITING THE RESEARCH PAPER. For those of you who don't know me well, this class is my bane. I hate writing essays. I don't like doing research much, either. I have already dropped out of this class twice already, but it is a core requirement. And know I have half the time to do it, and it's online, which means unsupervised and self-motivated.

I hope my newly developing sense of stubborn determination will get me through this. All I need is a C.
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Get 'er done!

The "spring cleaning" is going well. Last night Skelly came over and helped me pack and stash...
Tonight is the night. I need to figure out a way to get boxes over to the storage unit before 5:45 pm, and then clean, mop, vacuum, dust...
The 'rents get into town tomorrow, and I want our place to look nice for a change. It's gonna be a long night...

Oh, and btw, does anyone want to help me move boxes this afternoon about 3:30?
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