braids & bindi

I am stressing out...

...and I need to STOP.

Everything is going to be fine. Boi and I have figured out a solution to our housekeeping program. I have enough money to pay tuition and bills. I already have my text books. I have plenty of time to pack and clean. I have Dreamweaver and a three day weekend to get the website updated before I start school. I have time, I have time, I have time. My toenails look pretty.

Steady as she goes there, Lolo. Deep breath.
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Guilty Pleasures

My sweet baboo got me a DVD of Kids in the Hall, 1st season. LOL! I forgot how bizarrely funny they are. I've been staying up late watching a show I haven't seen since high school, laughing my ass off. I must confess though, I think it's hot when Mark McKinney makes out with Scott Thompson. Sorry, baby!

ION, baboo and I are playing Little Big Planet on our new (to us) PS3. It's fun, but it makes me want to knit...

Work is stupid.

Spiders are living in my jeans again. Little eight legged bastards.
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I hate it.

I hate depression. It sneaks out of nowhere, just when you're feeling good, feeling strong and hopeful...and then maybe you miss your medication or something, and all of a sudden the blue skies are gray, and nothing matters, and you're crying for no reason, and you hurt all over, and you can't seem to care whether you even live through your morning commute. Your stomach aches and you feel so ashamed, so hopelessly, worthlessly broken.

At least, that's what it's like for me. And I hate it.
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    I want to go home
braids & bindi

I just heard

A Question of Lust on the radio, and it hit me.
*regresses to a teenage girl*
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Finally Fucking Friday!

Well, I have almost made it through the week.
My boss is on vacation, so I have been working longer hours, but slacking off as much as possible. I am so sick of my job.

ION, my meds seem to be working...

Hooray for internet radio!
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braids & bindi

Good News

I am now an officially enrolled college student. I start May 26, and I am taking German! I have most of my core done already, so I get to look forward to years of French and German classes and (hopefully) trips. I am excited!

Yikes, however, regarding my tuition. I need twelve hundred dollars! Definitely going to apply for financial aid!
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ms, one

Okay, okay

I can't go without my MS meds anymore. I am sick of the shaking, and other symptoms. I am scared to try to negotiate the maze of options and hurdles to try to get it for free/less money. I am just going to go pay the $250. Then I'll see what I can do.
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Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Yesterday was my grandmother's 85th birthday. We are very close, and she just had surgery, so I threw together a last minute surprise party, with help from my Mom and Aunt.
I think she was pleasantly surprised.

This weekend my girls and I were going dancing, but weather may dampen (ha ha) our spirits and plans. I guess we'll just have to see. Crafting tonight with Skelly and Ana, hooray!
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I am still too sick to go dancing tonight...hopefully next week.
Tonight I believe I will stay in with my honey, watch movies, and sew. I am old.
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I am sick, with a nasty respiratory infection. Cough, hack, sniffle.
Last night Skelly came over and brought me some awesome get-well juice, and we started working on sewing projects for this summer's Faire. I am going to make a waist cincher, my first ever, and Skelly had lots of pointers for me. This will be a shade more difficult than a circle skirt.
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